Master Builders Association of Victoria was established in 1875 by a group of distinguished builders intent on raising standards within the industry.

Since that time the organisation has grown to become a pre-eminent industry voice with members universally renowned for their reliability, skill and professionalism.

A broad based organisation, Master Builders services the needs of the entire industry, from residential to commercial and engineering businesses, principal contractors to subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers.

We continually assist in developing the skills of our members by providing access to a wide range of services, an impressive degree of recognition, as well as representation to government and industry. Master Builders also serves the public of Victoria by fostering best practice work standards and acting as an independent advisory service.

What is a Master Builder?

Master Builders are held to the highest industry standards. To become a Master Builder, members are required to undergo a series of stringent checks.

We strongly encourage those members with the necessary knowledge and experience to become a Registered Building Practitioner. Only those members with Victorian Building Authority (VBA) registration can call themselves a Master Builder.

A Master Builder is proud, respected and constantly developing their craft. They are self employed builders and building and construction companies. Master Builders are companies, big and small, residential and commercial, and subcontractors and have built many of the most well recognised buildings in Victoria.

A Master Builder is different from other builders. A Master Builder is highly regarded by consumers reflecting high standards and professionalism.

Aspire to have a home for ourselves and for families. Need to achieve the goal to select the right builder for the home. Master builders Victoria build a home where there are some critical things to be aware of, in order to keep risk and surprises to a minimum and end up getting the home customer required with builders licence. A number of industry source and our own experience to ensure building experience run as smooth as possible with building permits in Melbourne. By implementing these structure in new construction and retrofit projects, developers and property. Construction factor to consider and more environmental impact.

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  • Builders licence paperwork
  • Building permits legally allowable
  • Residential building contract
  • Find a master builder
  • Can become a registered member

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