At Car Health, we aim to please our clients to the best of our ability. We strive to offer excellent service at competitive prices, while maintaining the best etiquette of customer service and interaction. We are always seeking ways to improve, which is why we urge all our customers to leave us their feedback (Contact Us). We take your feedback very seriously as we want to continue being the best mechanical workshop.

Car Health is the center for car services with automobile experts for repairing the cars. The most common services offered at Car Health are aircon regas, car maintenance and repairs, log book service, car diagnostic service, car battery replacement, mechanical repairs, wheel alignment service, air conditioning service and other services.

Services offered in Car Health:

1. Car Air Conditioning Service

2. Log book service 

3. Car Battery Replacement

4. Car Diagnostic Service 

5. Car Mechanical repair service

6. Car Maintenance service

Wheel Alignment Service offers:

1. Camber, Caster and toe angles

2. Front and rear steering 

3. Suspension system

4. Tire wear and tire condition

5. Tire air pressure

Log Book Service includes:

1. Change engine oil and oil filters

2. Brake inspection and adjustment

3. Check Steering and suspension

4. 40 point vehicle inspection

5. Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels

6. Computer battery test

7. Check tyre pressures

8. Check radiator hoses

9. Check fan belts

10. Check lights

Mechanical Repair Services Includes:

1. Preventative Maintenance - Fluid Checks, Oil Changes, Tire Rotations & Beyond

2. Tune Ups

3. Transmission Repair and Replacement

4. Belt Replacement

5. Tires and aligment

6. Shocks and struts

7. AC / Cooling system repairs

Car Diagnostic Service:

A car diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle. Technicians will scan your vehicles's on board computer and document etc

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